The Week Ahead


Hello. It’s Sunday and nobody ascended. Like Charlie Sheen, the rapture is old news.

So how was your week? I was in NYC and mostly offline. When I hopped back on Facebook, I counted four friends who lost loved ones. Four. That’s a crap week for four people whom I love and adore. How do you console someone over the internet? (Answer: you can’t.) I wish I could fly around the country and give every single one of you a hug and buy you a very strong drink. Crazy.

So this week I’m blogging about work, ethics, politics, sex, drugs, cats, online poker, xanax, tuberculosis, and eating eggs benedict and a pound of bacon at the Waldorf Astoria. Or something like that. No big news to announce. No webinars. Lots of meetings on my agenda. I have a ton of briefings scheduled to talk to potential clients about my social media work with Starr Tincup. And I need to craft my #shrm11 presentation. I should probably get to work on that.

What’s up with you guys? Anything new and exciting? Busy week?

Give me the deets, yo.

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