The Week Ahead


Happy Sunday. The next few weeks are crazy for me. I’m traveling like a fool and I have a few presentations — none of which are finalized at this moment. SHRM is a particularly difficult presentation for me. I’ve hit a road block and I haven’t turned in my presentation, yet.

They sent me this note.

Attendees receive an email instructing them on how to access the presentations online. If I have not received your presentation, the attendees will see a slide stating such.

Dang. Looks like I’m in trouble with the HR police.

And don’t look now but I’ve been diagnosed. It looks like I have a case of cynicism.

This week I’m blogging about Anthony Wiener, Justin Timberlake, true love, golf, the debt crisis, and why Obama will win in 2012. (Have you noticed that I never blog about the things I say I’m blogging about?)

What’s up with you guys? Anything exciting on the horizon?

I didn’t think so.

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