The Week Ahead


Happy Sunday, dudes.

As they say on TV, it doesn’t take much to be a father. For those of you who are fathers and actually take that shit seriously, you deserve a special day.

And a beer.

Or a gin & tonic.

And for the rest of you, my never-met-him-in-real-life buddy Jeff Pearlman wants you to wake the hell up.

And what’s up with you guys who don’t have fathers? What are you doing, today? And what are ALL of you doing, this week?

This week I’m going to write about Lady Gaga, ebola, and cat hair jewelry. Or not. I don’t know. I still need to work on my #shrm11 presentation. Rats. How can I get any work done with the internet egging me on?

And this video below? You must watch it.

Have a great week!

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