The Week Ahead


Dudes, it’s 2011. I cannot believe it.

What’s on the agenda for the upcoming week? I’ll be blogging about jobs, jobs, jobs. And work. And Human Resources. And a boy named Eli. Stay tuned.

What’s happening right now? Well, I have a new TV.  Ken and I moved into our brand new home in 2008 — with standard painter’s beige in every room — and we haven’t done much to improve the decor. We have Ethan Allen & Stickley furniture and a color palate from Kalamazoo that was lovely, but we haven’t pulled the trigger on this home. I think we were burned out from the fact that it took us 20 months to sell that house. Ugh.

So now we want to paint and buy some new furniture — and this new TV has forced us to look at our lives. We need to start living in Raleigh. In that spirit, Ken hacked our old large (over 6′ tall) Ethan Allen TV cabinet that they don’t even make anymore — originally purchased in 1998 at the equivalent cost of my first car — and turned it into a temporary stand for the TV.

I almost died. It is a brilliant temporary solution — and the man is clever as hell — but it’s another reminder that we need to plant some roots in Raleigh and shop.

Here are the pictures.

God help me.

We’re making a trip to Highpoint in the near future!

Have a great week, yo.

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