The Week Ahead


Hey suckers. What’s up?

Well, I had a crazy week. My gramma is in the hospital. Don’t ask. She is old. It’s not great. But apparently she is feeling better because I got an update like this.

Gramma loves you and wants to know where you get the green Tic Tacs.

Obviously not dead yet! Yeah! Good job!

Then I went to Texas for work and had dinner with @fishdogs. You like these sunglasses? No? Because I now own two pair.

And yes that is the posture of a sober women.

Later in the week, the NAS team and Mark Stelzner came to visit me in Raleigh. Yes, just me. Okay, fine, they were here for the National Association of Healthcare Recruiters conference. We had a ton of laughs. It was great. And FYI — NAHCR did not invite me to speak even though I’m local [“Don’t you know who I am? I am LFR.”]. Furthermore, they had very few women on their agenda. Hm. I hope this is addressed in 2012. Lots of great women who are more than qualified to speak to healthcare recruiters. Come. On.

So here’s my story — I am staying home, this week, by order of every single important person in my life. It seems that people are beginning to feel that I’m burnt out & cranky. Hm. I’m going to exercise, eat ice cream, and try to have fun. I’m a blogger, for chrissake. Time for a little indifference and sarcasm. And I am going to write about Clarisonic brushes, eBay, Western Union, and LinkedIn.

Or something like that. I dunno.

What’s up with you? Anything new and exciting?

Happy Sunday!

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