The Week Ahead


Happy Sunday, dudes. Did you have a good week? Are you dreading Monday?

I had a super strange week. First of all, I was on an NPR radio show. Then AMEX called and thought I might be guilty of stealing a credit card. It was all a big mistake, of course, because I only steal credit cards when I smoke crack.

And I’ve been clean for a few months.

And here’s another weird thing: my facebook blew up. I posted a story about pell grants because, hey, I went to college on a mix of pell grants + scholarships + loans. Without the pell grant, I would be living on the northwest side of Chicago and working a temp job and trying to raise a bunch of babies from different men. (You think I’m kidding. I’m not.)

Call me crazy, but I am pro-college and I like pell grants.

Apparently, some punk ass bitch wrote a comment about how dumb pell grants are… and then another punk ass bitch responded with a point that was ripped out of a DNC press release… and suddenly my facebook is a mess and cousins are arguing with my readers who are arguing with people I knew from high school.

This all happened in the span of three hours while I had enchiladas and saw Captain America.

The whole thing was weird. Here are a couple of comments from people I know.

  1. Who are these people? — Fuck if I know.
  2. Don’t you post stuff to get people to talk about it? — Yes… but come. on. I want no part of a Facebook wall fight.
  3. Why are you complaining? Isn’t this what you want? I’d kill for all those people to visit my blog, let alone Facebook. — Really? Because it’s annoying to moderate a chumpy political fight between family members and complete strangers. Also, it’s not like any of this is monetizable.

Anyway, the whole thing was just dumb. I had to spend a bunch of personal time “unfriending” people. Then I had to explain to real friends and family members that I have an online persona that is sometimes taken out of context. Then I had to write a pissy blog post about it.

Life. Is. Hard.

I try to create a fun, interesting, and relatively respectful community on the internet. I spend countless hours culling my comments to make sure that people feel like I am crafting an inclusive, interesting, awesome environment. How I was ever mistaken as a woman who is interested in cultivating a community of pussies — regardless of political persuasion — is beyond me.

Stupid internet.

What’s up with you guys? Anything new or fun? Are you dying in this heat? Because stick a fork in me. I am done.


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