The Week Ahead


Yo. Guys. What’s up?

Sheesh, it feels like forever since I’ve written a post about the upcoming week. First of all, I don’t mean to be rude. What’s new? How is the wife? How are the kids? You finally get that mole checked?

Not much is new around here. Getting ready for my Microsoft trip to Seattle — and I’m excited that Lance has planned a little dinner for a group of fun people. His HR party planning skills are still pretty good. You never lose the ability to do a good headcount report.

Then I have to come home and virtually test out some recipes for a customized Starr Tincup drink called The Conspiratini. My job is tough. Whatevs.

I’ve got a million other things happening but they’re all boring so I’ll leave you with a picture of Dr. and Mrs. Ruettimann… getting ready for a wedding… and having fun.

My intrepid husband danced to Michael Jackson, Rob Base, James Brown, and Deee Lite.

I am a happy woman.

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