The Week Ahead


Hello! I’m back. Everyone knows I was stuck in a hurricane. It wasn’t too bad.

I read a bazillion books — including The Hunger Games trilogy — and watched a ton of TV on a Caribbean island. Life could be worse. And it turns out that crappy TV is universal.

I also went for eight days without seeing my cats. I haven’t done that since being stranded in London in 2010. When I came home, Scrubs was pretty happy to see us. Here he is… sleeping on his favorite crappy rug on top of his larger favorite crappy rug… with his paws moving.

Can you see why I missed him?

So now what? I dunno. I guess it’s time to get back to work. Writing. Talking about getting you a job. Whatever. It was great to take a break from “HR blogging” and being a “digital influencer” who makes “top 100 HR lists“. This is me NOT being an important HR digital influencer.

And God knows I don’t want to talk about human resources, recruiting, “talent sourcing” recruiting, “talent pool” recruiting, ATS recruiter, shortlist recruiting, “selection process” recruiting, “Employment Brand” recruiting, “Employment Brand” recruiter, “Applicant Tracking System” recruiting, “Applicant Tracking System” recruiter, “Candidate Marketing” recruiter, candidate sourcing, hiring manager, interview recruiter, resume recruiting, screening recruiter, “social recruiting”, “job seeker recruiter”, talent recruiting, talent acquisition, “talent acquisition” recruiter, candidate recruiter, sourcing recruiter, sourcing recruiting, “job postings” recruiter, “job search” recruiter, “third party” recruiting, “third party” recruiter, “cold calling” recruiting, “talent community”, “employer branding”, and “job posting recruiter”.

Nope. I’m kind of bored with it.

(But if you want to be an influencer, just embed those keywords into your blog and into your off-the-shelf SEO packs and you can end up on a list.)

So let’s look forward to a good week. And I hope you’re safe and out of the hurricane zone. And I’ll try to find something to write about. Any ideas? Maybe I can finally stop writing about HR and careers and move on to a career in political punditry.

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