The Week Ahead


Hello everybuddy. Happy Sunday. What’s new? How was your weekend? I saw two movies, ate a ton of good food, and had an awesome time with Kennyboi. (You can catch my reviews here.)

Last week was a busy week. Seattle. Fun times with friends. Microsoft shenanigans. This week is easy by comparison. Meetings, client work, and I am staying home. And weirdly enough, NC SHRM has its annual conference in Raleigh, this week. I am home and could easily attend but I wasn’t invited and I’m not a member. Oh well. I’ll try not to take it personally.

This week I’ll be blogging about Herman Cain upsetting Rick Perry in a Florida Republican straw poll. And I’m worried about Dmitri Medvedev’s announcement that he will step aside and allow Putin to seek a second stint. That’s troubling for freedom and democracy. And I’m still troubled about Yemen, Syria and Egypt.

Oh yeah, and Facebook changes. Grrrr! How do I stop getting updates from that asshole recruiter in my newsfeed? Where do I click to unsubscribe from that kid I always hated from high school? And why is my life so hard?! [Revised — this is a joke.  I actually hate the people who complain about the new Facebook design. It’s fine, people. Shush!]

So what’s new with you? Any gossip? Any news? Traveling anywhere fun this week? Leave a comment and let me know!

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