The Week Ahead


What will I be writing about this week? Jobs, selling out, and Human Resources stuff. I’ll probably throw in some mentions about bacon and cats because I’m living my brand, yo.

In bigger news, I bought myself a birthday present. It’s called a Pei Pod. It’s a beautiful cat bed. Look at it. Gorgous. But I have to send it back. I’m so bummed. My cat, Molly, almost mistook it for a Booda Dome. I caught her in the nick of time. Schwoo. I can see how that would happen, though. Molly was like, “Whoa, sweet, you put a covered plastic box right in the middle of the living room? With a soft bed instead of clay for litter? How thoughtful.”

Nothing but dramz around here.

What’s going on with you, this week?

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