The Week Ahead


Hello! How is your Sunday? What’s new? Anyone have any gossip?

I’m back from Vegas. I’m home for 10 days so I actually put my suitcase in the attic. Exciting times, people.

This is a big time of year for fundraisers, 5k charity runs, dinner auctions, etc. My favorite charity, Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, is ramping up for its annual dinner auction. I was the president of that little rescue (~$150K operating budget at the time) and also a client. Before I was even on the board of directors, I found Molly in the woods. The volunteers helped me find a great vet. One of the awesome volunteers coached me through treating Molly’s coccidia without infecting my other cats (or myself).

And I ended up with Scrubs and Emma through KAR.

So if you have anything cool or interesting to donate that might be good to auction, please let me know. Scrubby would appreciate it.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention all the great friends that I saw in Vegas, last week. I wrote a pissy blog post about my experiences over the past few months. I stand by it. The hardcore conference circuit is lame and out-of-touch with reality. The men and women who disparage traditional HR professionals ought to be ashamed of themselves. And I’m bothered by the people who think you have to look, speak, and act a certain way to be a credible businessperson with a serious opinion.

Whatevs, yo.

But I do love my friends and colleagues, though. It was great to catch up.

That’s it for me. State fair starts this week. Gotta get ready for deep fried goodness.

I’m out.

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