The Week Ahead


Hey dudes.

Did you have a good week? Are you ready for Halloween? We had two bowls of candy. Now we have one. Ugh. I’m so sick of it.

I am traveling to Texas on Monday to welcome Lizzie to The Starr Conspiracy. Her first official day of work is Tuesday (although she’s been working her ass off for the past six months). Then I’m coming home and going back to pilates class. It’s been six weeks since I attended class and my back is killing me. Coincidentally, I’ve spent the past six weeks on an airplane. This travel is slowly turning me into a hunched, chubby old woman.

It’s the travel — not the Kit Kats.

I’m off to CIPD in a week for their annual conference. I don’t know what to wear. I went shopping and I picked out this dress and these shoes.

Classy. Elegant. American.

So that’s my week ahead. What’s up with you? Anything new and exciting? Let me know.

Also — I’ll be blogging about the whiny winter storm, Solyndra, Herman Cain, Qantas, Syria, and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Maybe the European debt deal.

Be ready!

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