The Week Ahead


Hello! Happy Sunday! Are you Americans ready for Thanksgiving week? I wonder how many of you will accidentally cut yourself with a kitchen knife, get food poisoning, or have a relationship-ending argument with your significant other?

Please don’t let that happen to you.


It’s that time of year and a few family members and friends needed cash, this week. I have a real problem saying no. I’m better, these days. Lots of hard work. A therapist once told me to get a credit card and let that be my guide. If I have money on the card, I can loan it. If not, the bank is closed. And I wasn’t allowed to pay off the credit card, either. The interest payments were meant to remind me to follow up with people who owe me cash.

Yeah, that never worked out.

So now I just say no unless I really love the person or the situation is dire. And I never expect to be paid back by those people. And if I’ve learned anything from The Millionaire Next Door it’s that rich people don’t make money by spending money. So all this is just to say that I sold some back links and articles on my blog, this week. Then I gave away that cash as quickly as it came in via PayPal. I thought it was a creative use of the internet to help a few people out during the holiday season.

My husband rolled his eyes. Oh well. At least the cash was never really in my hands or in our bank account.


This week will be a light week for me. Meetings, webinars, the holiday. It’s the best week of the year because nobody wants anything from me.

I do want to tell you that I’m speaking in Chicago. Are you in the area? Come and see me and use cynicalgirl for a 25% discount.



I’m such a whore… but I do want to meet you and this should be a fun event.


How about you? What are you doing, this week? Traveling? Shopping on Black Friday?

Be safe, yo!

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