The Week Ahead


In the next week I will write about job boards, a couple of speeches I’m doing, and things that piss me off.

Hm. Sounds familiar. Maybe I should shake things up?

Here’s some feedback I received. I’m printing it because I’m open minded. Ha!

Here we go.

Dear Laurie, I was just talking to a group of female recruiters in my office (who happen to be fans of yours) about some blogging ideas, and they brought your name up. They miss you writing more about HR and recruiting, like you did at Punk Rock, and said if I get a chance to let you know.  So, now you know someone misses your writing out there in the world. Oh, they also said to cut all the cat writing out!   Everyone is a critic.  I told them you would most certainly take their advice because you pander to the masses!

Fuck that.

Hahahahaha, just kidding. Sorta. I get you on the feedback but people grow and evolve. My posts on pure Human Resources issues are some of my least viewed posts. The HR community is small and no one cares. When I write about why we need resumes or consuming work in a new way, I’m kinda writing about HR in a more accessible way.

And most of my readers aren’t in Human Resources, anymore.

Punk Rock HR was awesome because it had a hardcore following of HR peeps AND regular workers. I am trying to incorporate the lessons I learned on that blog. I am bringing HR to the people. I’m doing it through obscenities, bacon, and cats.

And for the record, there are a few HR people who are insulted when I write about Human Resources. “What does she know about HR,” they say. “She doesn’t even have a real job.”

Another woman wrote me a nasty email and said, “No offense but I know you hate HR. You should really go away and leave it to the rest of us.”

And on that same day I was admitted to the emergency room because I rolled my eyes so far into the back of my head that they got stuck.

HR blogging was fun for the first few years but I want to aspire to bigger things.

I hope you’ll join me, yo.

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