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Happy 2012! Welcome back. I’m glad you didn’t die in a drunk driving accident. Congratulations for making it to another year. Hooray!

Today marks the beginning of my annual birthday week. I love my birthday. It’s fun. Ken and I always do something great. And I always hope that people will back off, bite their tongues, and be kind to me for seven days in a row (plus my birthday).

But it rarely happens.

Inevitably, the new year prompts people to behave in the most ridiculous ways. For the past 36 years, my annual birthday week is always filled with manifestos, confessions, and honest feedback.

Things that have been said to me from January 1-8 in years past.

  • Laurie, I think [so and so] might be bulimic. Just FYI. You should probably say something to her.
  • Laurie, you really have an obligation to care for [insert family member here] who is obviously going through a tough time with his/her demons and addictions.
  • Laurie, can I stay with you while I figure my stuff out?
  • Laurie, you live in a very closed-off world and you isolate yourself from real people. If that’s the kind of life you want, great. I just think that real people make real mistakes and you should accept people for who they are and not judge. Life is messy. It’s a beautiful thing.

Uhm, yeah, awesome.

One year, we buried my paternal grandmother. It was my 30th birthday, actually. I’m LOLing at this moment because maybe I shouldn’t have a birthday week. Or maybe I need a new family and a better inner circle.

Now I have to say that ten years ago — birthday week 2002 — Ken and I were not married. We had gone to Aruba in September 2001, came home, and promptly took a break. I was seeing other boys, no less. Then my birthday rolled around and he sent me a letter in the mail.


And he told me he loved me and missed me.

And we got engaged shortly thereafter.

So maybe my birthday weeks aren’t so bad.

So the week ahead should be pretty great. And I’ll be blogging about alcoholism, drug addiction, applicant tracking systems, generic Lipitor, and allergy medications.

What’s your week like?

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