The Week Ahead


Signs for the Golden Globe Awards.Happy Sunday!

This is post #52 in my “The Week Ahead” series. Thanks for sticking with this weekly series for over a year!

January is my month when I get stuff done. Birthday. Eye exam. Dentist. Pap smear. Car inspection. Anti-aging facial. You know, the important things. I am running way behind but I did go to the dentist and get my car inspected. Small victories for a woman with a tremendous amount of #suburbanproblems.

Imma be just fine.

What’s up with you guys? Anything new and exciting? Anyone get a raise?

This week I’ll be blogging about cruise ships, Qatar, and the Golden Globes. I might blog about SOPA, Angela Merkel, and the Wii. So stay tuned for all that excitement.

And one more thing — I’ll be adding to my business travel pictures, this week. My goal is to take a picture from each hotel I visit in 2012. I’m ambitious like that, obvs.

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