The Week Ahead


Hey dudes. I’m back from Roma and ready to blog about Human Resources and work and stuff.

Just kidding. FML. I’m still a Human Resources blogger. Sheesh.

But I had a great trip. More pictures and stories to follow but I am totes jet-lagged and way behind on my email and messages. If I owe you something, it’s on the way.

And I have to continue to train for my MMRF run. Starting tomorrow, it’s 2-a-days until race day.

Did you donate? You rock. Did you forget to donate? There is still time. Did you decline to donate? Well,  yeah, I don’t blame you. It’s girl scout cookie time. That’s a much better cause.

Okay, I’m going back to bed to dream about what I’ll blog about, next week. I will probably cover bidets, Roman ruins, gatti, pancakes, and my feelings about the first couple of episodes of 30Rock.

What’s up with you?!

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