The Week Ahead


Hello everybuddy. What’s new? Do you have an exciting week planned?

I’m not running up any buildings for the foreseeable future. This week I am doing a webinar. Something about social recruiting. Whatever. You know the drill. My job is to highlight some of the really good things happening in HR and recruiting departments and teach you how to copy that shit. If you think you know what you’re doing, this webinar isn’t for you.

Then I am volunteering at Ignite Raleigh 3. I spoke at one of these events in 2010 and it really changed the whole trajectory of my speaking career. I learned how to rely upon slides… and how to ditch them, too. Super fun.

I’m at the door. My job is to take tickets because I want to be nice and social — but it’s wholly unrealistic to expect me to carry on a conversation while doing this job. That’s perfect for a woman like me who is an introvert walking around in an extrovert’s life.

So that’s my week. No, wait, I’m using my annual birthday gift certificate at the Umstead Spa. That will be super-fun and awesome.

What about you guys? Anything new? Anyone get a bonus, this week? It’s that time of year. Bonuses need to be paid out by early March. And if you’re part of the 99%, you’re like, “What the eff is a bonus?”

Baby, I know. You better start occupying if you want to find out.

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