The Week Ahead


By the time you read this, I’ll be in London for TruLondon5. I’m glad. Last week sucked. Bring on a distraction!

First day? I want to talk about Agency Recruiting versus Corporate Recruiting. In my mind we will discuss the different models in the US and UK, discuss what’s the better model for filling roles the and debate which approach is more strategic and relevant. (Answer: neither.)

On day two, my goal is to talk about Career Paths in Recruitment. Some say that a recruiter is a recruiter. “It’s in her blood. That’s how she do.” Some say that recruiting is only part of the HCM value chain. I ask — who uses the world value chain? And what’s next for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals? How do we get to the top? Should talent professionals report into HR or should HR report into talent? (Answer: we should get rid of HR and teach managers to manage. Jesus.)

But anyway, that’s my week.

What are you doing?

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