The Week Ahead


Last week I blogged about a keynote I’m doing, job boards, more job boards, and your crappy language at work. Then I ended the week with a post about pictures.

What am I writing about this week? Who the hell knows.

I’m not traveling anywhere until I go to London in mid-February, but I am getting my roots touched up on Thursday. That always gives me a few hours to think about random shit. And I’ve been thinking a lot about corporate personhood and how we forget that the real people behind the brand are employees. I’ve also been thinking about relationships at work; technology that sucks; and getting paid for work you love.

I’ve also been thinking about the best kind of tequila for margaritas. Anyone? Anyone? I think it really depends on what kind of margaritas you’re making (on the rocks with salt, duh), how many margaritas you plan on drinking (2), and what you’re eating (cheese enchiladas, most likely).

So this week might be okay. What’s on your agenda?

Oh, and Go Bears!

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