The Week Ahead


Good morning. As you read this, I’m probably flying to Austin. Trip was delayed due to vague and non-specific reasons I don’t want to write about. File that under: Stupid, My Life Is.

I am praying to Baby Jesus and Ganesha that my flights are on time. As you know I’m not a big believer in faith. Or deities in diapers.

This is me. If you see me wandering around, say hello. Please.

I’m tres petite. I will be wearing skinny jeans, boots, and a Marc Jacobs shirt that I saw Aubrey Plaza wear on an episode of Parks & Rec. (I’m oddly proud of that fact.) Will pair it with a cream sweater. Hanes Her Way underwear. Socks. Whatever. I’m done. I’ve worn this same outfit to two other conferences and nobody has stabbed me in the jaw. It will be fine.

Wait. I’m going to wear this sweater and AG ex-boyfriend dark distressed cropped jeans — with a pair of Converse — because that is my mothereffin look. Plus I’m on the ground for ~24 hours and I don’t want to clod around in Frye boots. Those dang things are heavy.

As for the rest of my week…

…it will probably be chaotic. I fly home on Monday and will have a ton of personal and work-related crap to manage before the week is out. I should probably go to the gym. I don’t want to think about the unanswered email and tweets. Can somebody get me some ice cream and manage my LinkedIn inbox?

Right. Onward.

Okay, peeps, wish me luck on my panel. And tell me about your week. Are there any talented and passionate people who need jobs who want to tell me about GREAT hires?!

PS — If you’re so inclined, I’ll be tweeting about my #sxsw experiences and using the hashtag #greathire for the panel. Check it out.

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