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TaxesHappy Sunday. Well, uh, I am doing my taxes so it’s not exactly happy around here. Could be better. I am married to a guy who has a little cash because he doesn’t spend cash on frivolous things like accountants and bookkeepers and compliance attorneys. Thank goodness because I’d piss away a fortune just to take this burden away from me.

And doing your taxes is really a burden whether you’re a Democrat or Republican. I just had the “change your tone of voice” convo with my husband. He is about to have the “spend less money” convo with me. Good times.

And none of my tax money went to federal self-esteem programs or forced abortions. Dammit.

So what’s up for this week? No travel. Awesome. And I’m digging through my reader mail and I’m 50/50 on answering any more questions. I like being helpful but I hate when friends and loved ones ask, “Are you blogging about me?”

Listen — did you send me an email? No? Well grow up. I don’t lack for content and I am not blogging about you. If I die tomorrow, everyone in my life knows where they stand with me. I don’t send subtle messages. In fact, I wish I could send subtle messages. That would be awesome. I’d probably have better relationships with people.

Although I will say some letters speak to me more than others. If a blog post speaks to you, get your act together.

So maybe I’ll do some letters — right after I finish up my taxes.

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