The Week Ahead


Hello, everyone. How was your week? Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

I have one more full week at home (thank goodness) and I’m using it to catch up on my life. Appointments. Shopping. Whatevs. Imma do it. Should be a great upcoming week.

And Scrubby’s contest to win $1000 for SPCA of Wake County’s AniMeal’s program is over. He came in second place. Thanks for voting. The SPCA of Wake County will get $250 worth of Furminator tools and I’m happy to say goodbye to Conan. Sorta.

He’s a big guy, isn’t he? He is also my prom date.

Anything else new with you guys? No? Okay, have a great week. I’ll be blogging about North Korea, wage and hour violations and the Olympics.

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