The Week Ahead


Hello, everyone. I am back from Recruiting Innovation Summit and I had a great time. I learned that recruiters are actually back to work — trying to find people who can string two sentences along and sound somewhat intelligent during an interview. Do you qualify? Call my friend Jerry Albright and he will hook you up with work.

This week is a ‘catch-up week’ in Raleigh before I fly to London to present at the Enabling HR Through Technology conference. (Will I see you there?) While I’m home, my husband and I plan on doing some fun stuff like trying to find someone to pressure-wash our house and working on a landscape design for the front and back yard. I need to finish a good spring cleaning and my cats need some serious attention.

In short, it’s thrilling stuff.

How about you? What’s up?

I almost forgot — I’ll be chatting with the SHRM folks on Twitter. It’s something called #nextchat and apparently all the kids are doing it.

I will be online on Wednesday, May 23rd from 3pm – 4pm talking about women, leadership and the forces that keep us on Pinterest instead of creating the new Pinterest.

Will I see you then?

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