The Week Ahead


View from my hotel rooftop.

Hello, everyone. Just back from a week of travel. So good to be home. I’m fortunate enough to return to a clean and happy house full of people and animals who are happy to see me. Not bad.

Is anyone celebrating a big milestone, this week? Anything new and exciting. Two announcements I want to share.

  • I’ll be at SHRM for this party.
  • I am hosting a webinar about blogging because HR people and vendors keep asking me for advice on blogging. Might as well offer something helpful in a simple, efficient way.

Or something like that. IDFK. This career of mine is weird!

This week I’ll be blogging about sugary drinks, diamond jubilees and Target. I will also blog about Syria, unemployment and the weather.

That’s it for me. Have a great day!

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