The Week Ahead


What am I writing about this week? Dang it. I don’t know. I haven’t written a single thing so far.

Here’s what I’m thinking about right now. The time & distance between what I think and what I say. Resumes. How & when you should spend money to get a job. Egypt. Tunisia. The grieving process. And whether or not I should get lowlights and break up some of this crappy, brassy blonde in my hair.

Big thoughts, people. Big thoughts.

So here’s my news. I developed two spots under my eye from eye cream. It’s called milia. I saved myself a $30 copay at the doctor’s office by getting rid of them myself with a sterilized needle (gross) and now I need a new eye cream. Firmness and moisture without a ton of chemicals. Recommendations?

And what’s up with you guys? Exciting plans for the week? Anyone starting a new job? Get a raise? Promoted? Is Monday your first official day of unemployment?

Give me your gossip.

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