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Happy Sunday. Today is Father’s Day here in America. Hope you have a good and decent father in your life. If you don’t, welcome to being like everyone else. It is a nice club. We are normal.  Don’t get too caught up in the fake sentimentality of the day.

I think Mother’s Day is worse, though.

Augusten Burroughs says that having good parents is a luxury. He is right. It’s great when you have them. You can succeed without them.

But I do miss my father-in-law. He was something else. For some reason, not a day goes by when we don’t laugh about him or remember something ridiculous.

For example, he would call and leave messages on our answering machine. “Kenny. Lauren. This is your father. It’s 9:04 PM Buffalo time…”

And that would make us roll. I don’t know why. Thanks for telling us what time it is at your house in the same time zone as ours.

Then one time he called us while we were all in Las Vegas for my wedding. We stayed at Paris. The Ruettimann clan was at The Luxor. He left this message on our voicemail.

“Kenny, it’s 7:52 Buffalo time. Your mother and I are already tired. Vegas is a clip-joint.”

Hahahhaahhahahahahaha, memories. I miss that guy.

And whenever Ken and I travel outside of the eastern time zone, we call home and ask, “What time is it — Buffalo time?”

Never gets old.

This week I’m going to BlogPaws and speaking about careers so I’ll  be blogging about Romney and his mistreatment of Seamus, the economics of spaying/neutering your pets with taxpayer dollars and an international piano exhibit in Salt Lake City.

I can’t wait!

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