The Week Ahead


Hello normal people who are not HR bloggers or animal bloggers. It is Sunday. I was in Salt Lake City and now I am in Atlanta. I miss my family back in Raleigh. I’ve been gone a few days. I’ll be gone a few more. Boo.

What’s on your agenda for this week?

I’ll be covering the 2012 SHRM Annual Conference. By covering I mean that I’ll be standing around shaking my head and wondering why I haven’t written my book. Then I will call home every night and share crazy stories with my husband. We will laugh hard. This is our routine for the past five summers.

Then I’ll blog about bus bullying videos, Dylan Ratigan and Syria. I will also write about Marco Rubio, Egyptian elections and NBA basketball.

What’s on your plate for the week? Anything new and fun? Anybody get a new car? Start a new job? Plan a dream vacation? Share your good news. I wanna hear it!

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