The Week Ahead


This is Molly. Today is her GOTCHA day.

Molly emerged from the woods near our home in Michigan — with coccidia, scrapes on her face and broken baby teeth — exactly eight years ago today. Do you know what you have to do with a kitten who has coccidia and bloody diarrhea?

Don’t ask.

Molly/Mol/JellybeanMols/Molly McButter hated me for the first three years. Well, no, hate is a strong word. She didn’t acknowledge my existence. She is my husband’s kitty wife; thus, we are enemies.

He never had to give her Albon and clean up her watery poo. Life is unfair.

But then we moved to North Carolina in 2008 and she softened. the. hell. up.

Then my cat Lucy died and Molly felt sorry for me.

So this week is all about cats. I’ll be blogging about litter boxes, cat poo, cat pee, peeing outside the litter box, cat barf, cat smells, kitty litter, different kind of kitty litter, and The HR Technology Conference & Expo.

[Figure that one out, Google algorithm.]

What about you? What’s up with you, this week?!

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