The Week Ahead


I forgot to write a blog post for today telling you about my week ahead. Oh well.

I will tell you about a funny conversation I had with a friend of mine named Lars Schmidt. We were emailing back and forth about writing, blogging and creating good content. He was chuckling about my matchy-match lipgloss from this video. I told him that I believed in authenticity. I don’t want to doll myself up for a camera — not that I could — and cover myself in unrecognizable ways.

I want people to see me on camera and recognize me out in public.

Now listen, I don’t want to be ugly.  I don’t want to try too hard, either. Nothing good comes of that effort. So when I do a video, you get me with my post-workout clothes and some MAC lipgloss that was in my desk. (It happened to be purple like my shirt! And  guess what? My toes were that color. Apparently I like me some purple.)

Bottom line? So much of what we see online is fake. I don’t want to contribute to that nonsense.

In fact, this is me right now.

Deer in the headlights. Post workout. Hungry. Thinking about ice cream. Compelled to clean litter boxes, instead.

So this week you’ll get more of THIS plus my thoughts on Syria and the risks of arming the rebels in anything but a covert way. And I’ll write about the Olympics, Mitt Romney’s VP pick, and back to school shopping.

What’s up with your week?

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