The Week Ahead


Happy (Super Bowl) Sunday. What’s new? Did you have a good weekend?

I’m working on blog posts for the week ahead. What am I writing about? Bah. I don’t know. I need some new clothes. Momma has gained some weight (sadly) but I won’t buy anything. I cannot believe the ugly junk at most stores. Who wears this crap? The most unflattering cuts and designs are made in sweatshops and sold to people who deserve more flattering and sustainable clothes. This stuff is ugly and falls apart after one wash.

I’m frustrated. And wearing jeans that are too tight.

The good news? I’m quoted in a new book called The Executive’s Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy: How Social Networks Are Radically Transforming Your Business pages 49-52. (But who’s a narcissist and talking about herself?)

I was asked to weigh in on Social HR. (So I did.) And the entire book is great and informative. (No, I don’t get a commission.) The authors, David Thomas and Mike Barlow, are very amazing. It was fun to be a very small part of this project.

Okay, that’s enough on a Sunday. Have a good week and tell me — Packers or Steelers?

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