The Week Ahead


Happy Sunday, yo.

If you ever wonder what my inbox looks like, I don’t have 6,000 messages in there; however, I do have messages from awesome men and women who are asking for genuine help related to their jobs. That’s why Lars and I started Career Hangout.

I also have the strangest email messages from fans, readers and HR vendors. Overly emotional. Overly intimate. Some of the vendors are amateurs and want me to review technology. They think they have to find a witty hook to get my attention. The email message often goes something like this.

“You’re a rockstar. I love your blog even though I hate cats.”

Please stop yourself if you want to write an email message like that. First of all, no one asked you how you feel about cats. If you read my blog, you’d know that I don’t care about your opinion.

Second of all, I read those messages and think — only serial killers and sex offenders hate animals. Normal people hate racism, sexism and bigotry. They hate intolerance and domestic violence. They hate Southern Rock. They don’t hate animals.

Even if you dislike cats, which is a totally valid perspective, you probably don’t hate cats. You may prefer not to be around cats. That’s cool. I prefer not to be around HR vendors who try to sell me shitty technology.

But if you hate another living creature, that makes you an awful human being who deserves to be shunned.

So don’t send me those messages. Emma (who was tossed out of a car as a kitten by someone who hates cats) and I think you are fucked up and weird.

This week I’ll be blogging about Syria, Libya and how we define terrorism. I will also blog about Aung San Suu Kyi, tax returns and Jimmy Kimmel. I might also write about Phobos, Deimos and the iPhone5.

What’s up with you for this week?

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