The Week Ahead


This week is the craziest week of the year.

Today I’m in Chicago at HREvolution — a conference for HR professionals. Actually, I’ll be there when I am not cheering on family members who are running the Chicago Marathon. Tomorrow is HR Tech. And then I’m pretty much done with conferences for the rest of the year. Thank god.

HR Tech is such a bizarre conference for me. It’s a bunch of vendors who take themselves very seriously trying to get HR people (or CFOs) to buy technology. I am not always sure that the vendors love Human Resources professionals — and as you know, Seth Godin says you need to outlove your competition.

I really do think that’s true. If you don’t have a high regard for your industry and you don’t respect your customers, how can you sell them  your software? And oh yeah the gender differential between HR buyer (women) and HR user (women) and HR vendor (dudes) is interesting.

And, as always, lots of people get really drunk and do stupid things at the conference parties. My goal is to be in bed by midnight each night and avoid body shots and fist fights.

This year, I am not speaking at HR Tech. I can bear witness and wear my glasses and retainers. No pressure.

Will I see you there?

When I’m not blogging about this junk, I will be writing about The League of Women Voters, playoffs and Syria. I will also write about campaign finance reform, global warming and Diet Coke. I might also write about bagel-head saline injections in the forehead.

People are weird.

What’s up with you?

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