The Week Ahead


Happy Sunday, everyone.

I ran a 5K, yesterday, as part of my commitment to be less punk rock and more boring and middle-class. The good news? I fit in just fine with the crowd. Especially when it came to my playlist. You wanna hear it?

My iPod just threw up.

Also, I didn’t get to all of these songs. My strategy is to randomize a playlist when I run. I crossed the finish line while listening to Madonna. As it should be.

So this week I’ll be blogging about employee safety, inclement weather, disaster preparation and all things Hurricane Sandy. I will also blog about Syria (as usual) because I’m truly upset about what’s happening in that country. And I might blog about Marco Rubio, Silvio Berlusconi and Microsoft Surface.

Yeah. I might.

What’s up with you guys?!

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