The Week Ahead


Happy Sunday. I have a list of things to talk about.

I’m leaving for TruLondon in a few hours. This is the conference where my purse was stolen, last year. I can’t tell you how many people have told me — don’t lose your purse, Laur. Yeah, okay, thanks. That’s helpful AND creative. If you live in London and want to talk about smart HR and recruiting stuff, come to TruLondon Or come to the tweet-up and see me. That would be cool. Or not. Whatever.

I have a few guest posts, this week, since I’m out of town. Cool people. Nice people. And I’m launching a series, sponsored by Rypple, where I talk to my friends about work. As a writer, I welcome the opportunity to take a break from the circus that is my own inner monologue. I was able to talk to my pals about success, failure, and what they really think about work.

Finally, I got some lowlights in my hair. It’s now a darker shade of blonde. Dudes, I was starting to look like a rounder, shorter version of Jessica Simpson — with a Bieb cut. Although I’ve had a few trims, I haven’t cut the back of my hair for about six months. I have a swath of fuzz growing out of the back of my skull that is not quite harmonized with the rest of my locks.

Sigh. I just keep reminding myself that even Tom Brady went through a stage with his hair. My Gramma thinks I’m pretty and it doesn’t matter.

Happy Sunday. What’s up with you guys?

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