The Week Ahead


Hi, everyone. I am back from a few days in Las Vegas. I am exhausted but ready for a productive week. I have an offsite with a client (consultantspeak for going somewhere else besides an office to talk about boring stuff) and I have tons of phone calls.

I hate the phone so that’s always fun.

And we’re in the season of The War on Christmas — always my favorite. Watch out Santa and Baby Jesus. I’m coming for you.

This year, I hope to at least snag an obese elf. When I get one, I’m putting him on a halal “wellness plan” that will be administered by a lesbian nurse with sketchy credentials.

The war is on, motherFrs!

Okay, that’s it for me. This week I will be blogging about the NFL’s response to murder-suicide and how every single person who participates in the Kansas City Chiefs and Carolina Panthers game ought to be ashamed of himself.

And maybe I’ll find some other stuff to write about. You know. Stuff that has to do with HR.

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