The Week Ahead: August 11, 2013


IMG_3540Happy Sunday. How is your weekend? What’s new?

Three really great things happened, this past week.

  1. I continued my “working from the beach” plan.
  2. I joined a new run club with nice, crunchy people. Good vibes. Lots of smiles.
  3. I pooped in a gas station for the first time in over 15 years.

I just had to go. I had no other options. I stuck my phone and keys in my bra (h/t to Franny) and I made the most of a bad situation.

I did not die.

So that’s a pretty good week. And a pretty good summer.

You guys, this is important: Pay attention to the boycotts of Russia.  Read about the growing protests in Tunisia. (That’s where the Arab Spring sorta started.) And keep watching The Newsroom for flashes of HR-like involvement in ongoing office investigations.

No spoilers but I want to see Human Resources do an actual employee debrief — not Marcia Gay Harden.

(Call me, Sorkin.)

Have a great week!

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