The week ahead begins with November 17, 2013.


Happy Sunday. Hello from Las Vegas. Hope you are having a great weekend. My marathon is here. I am very excited to get it over with and conquer something else. Like a burrito and a margarita.

Several people asked how I got into running. Let’s be clear: I am not into running. I really don’t enjoy it. Whenever I think about running, I have to talk myself into the very basics.

“Put on yer shoes, Laurie. You probably need a hat. Don’t forget that fugly headlamp.”

I fight my bad, negative energy all the way out the door and onto the pavement.

I have tried to run for big chunks of my adult life. I have always failed. Until two years ago, that is, when I went back to London and read a great book called Run, Fat Bitch, Run. I came home determined to run. I followed the training program. I started slowly. I made friends with people who run. And I’m still running.

What’s different? Who knows. I am less concerned about my form and my looks. (“You know you want it.”) I try not to worry about whether I’m doing it wrong. (I’m going forward. That works.) And when I am running up a hill, the last thing I’m thinking about is how horrible I feel about myself. (I am truly worried about dying on a hill.)

I don’t think running is for everyone. You can do it. Once you get into the habit of bouncing in a pair of overpriced shoes, it’s a good distraction from the bullshit of life.

And stop blaming your knees.

My marathon results will be on Twitter. Have a great week. Make good choices.

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