The week ahead begins with November 24, 2013.


Hello, everyone. Happy Sunday. Did you have a good week?

I am back from my marathon trip that took me from RDU to MSP to LAS to SFO to LAX to RDU. What does that mean? Well, I sat around for far too many hours. Then I came home.

Blogging means that I can walk into any city in America and hang out with people I know and love. In fact, I wasn’t going to hang out with anyone during the second half of my business trip. Then I found out that my friends were in San Francisco. Initially, I begged off for the night. I was tired from running and I didn’t want to see anyone. I dunno. I was in a cranky mood. But I changed my mind pretty quickly when a barrage of text messages start to flood in.


“Get up. You suck.”

“We want to see you.”

You should consider yourself lucky when friends want to see you. So I said yes. And I snapped this photo, which was ridiculous and fun.


Hope you guys have an excellent week. For those of you in America who are lucky enough to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, I hope it’s a good one!

Now have a great day. Be safe. Make good choices.

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