The week ahead begins with October 13, 2013.


IMG_5592Hello, everyone. Happy Sunday. My website is back online thanks to Lance Haun, Reaktiv Studios, Foliovision and WPEngine. I am very thankful.

This past week was busy. I remained (relatively) sober and survived a trip to Las Vegas. I did tons of people watching. I ran down the strip. I felt a little jet lagged and dehydrated but it wasn’t too bad. I lost my voice on Monday. Tuesday was a blur. I came home on Wednesday and had 88 meetings on Thursday and Friday. I also had some tough conversations with people I love and respect.


And then I ran on Saturday. This week was 18 miles. I am not sure if I picked up my feet for the last three miles.

Such an emotional roller coaster.

But then I went out for Mexican food, picked out a few pumpkins and celebrated Emma’s sixth year with us. My poonchy cat was tossed out of a car in 2007. The local animal rescue called and asked if I wanted to foster her. I said, “I’ll be right over.”

That night, we gave her a bath and tucked her into bed on a kitten heating pad.

The rest is history.

Hope you have a great week! Go do something fun. You’ve earned it.

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