The week ahead begins with September 22, 2013.


jumping jacksHello, everyone. Happy Sunday. What’s new?

I have no major events — travel, media, paparazzi — happening this week. I am on an event marketing webinar on Thursday. Other than that, I will be working on projects and spending time with friends. It is the time of year when my kitties are due for annual vet visits. And there will be some running. Good grief. It never ends.

My running routine finally feels normal. The week starts off slow and then it kicks into gear on Tuesday nights. I signed up for a running group and we do all kinds of drills. I went 38 years without ever seeing a photo of myself doing a jumping jack. Thats over.

(Thanks, Facebook.)

Then I have a decent midweek run, a light ‘end of week’ run, and another run on Saturday.

So that’s my week.

I hope yours is great!

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