The Week Ahead: December 9, 2012


Hey suckers. What’s up? Are you cranky? Did you catch up on sleep?

Not much is new around here. No travel this week. Lots of work. Consulting assignments. Writing. And messing around on the internet. Plenty of cat videos and internet shopping. I’m also making cookies, this week. I am shifting from my old version of Snickerdoodles to a new recipe that I discovered in 2011.

Be jealous.

This week I’ll be blogging about Syria, Taylor Swift, and the human pile of vomit that is Sen. Jim DeMint. I might also blog about King Abdullah II and John McAfee. I might also write about Kasandra Perkins. She is the forgotten victim in Jovan Belcher murder-suicide.

That’s it for me. Have a great week, everybody!

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