The Week Ahead: February 10, 2013


image012Happy Sunday, everyone. How was your week? Did you do anything fun?

Many of you remember that I killed my novel on feminism, coal miners and abortion set in 1960s Appalachia. To mix things up, I started writing stories that highlight love, alcoholism and political unrest in Prague.

But then I had to go to Atlanta and attend a conference. I needed to get material and ideas for an article I’m writing about ethical sourcing strategies, so I didn’t get a chance to write. That’s fine. That idea was dumb.

So I’ve started work on a screenplay. (You know I love movies, right?) I am writing about a Chief Marine Veterinarian at an aquarium. This movie is very much a modern day love story and pays homage to Next Stop WonderlandI can’t tell you about the plot or you will steal my idea.

Someone call my agent!

Hope you guys have a great week ahead.

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