The Week Ahead: February 24, 2013


By the time you read this, I will have completed a busy week. And depending on the time of day, I may have finished my hustle. Check the tweets below.

So what’s my week ahead like? Well, obviously I failed to write my novel on feminism, coal miners and abortion set in 1960s Appalachia. I also failed to complete my book of short stories that highlight love, alcoholism and political unrest in Prague. And I gave up on my screenplay about a Chief Marine Veterinarian at an aquarium. And you can guess that I never wrote last week’s book called 100 Essential Modern Poems About Work.

That’s okay.

This week I am working on a sweet little novella about a 40-year-old woman who is starting over. We don’t know the back story but we do know this: she has never had to sign a lease, call for cable installation or hook up utilities in a new apartment. The reader knows how the mundane can be infuriating. The central character has no clue. She’s about to get a lesson in life skills. And it’s tough.

That will be 1000 words. Max.

What’s up with your week? Anything new and exciting?

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