The week ahead is October 20, 2013.


Hello and happy Sunday. Hope you had a good weekend!

My week ahead starts with the NC State Fair. You can follow me on Instagram to see the photos of fried Oreos and whatnot. Did you know that Oreo cookies, beyond being highly addictive, are also accidentally vegan?

Delicious, addictive and cruelty-free.

My week ahead also includes reading, writing and more running. Jesus, lord, Baby Ganesha, the running. I need a full-time job to pay for my hobby. I blew through a pair of Brooks Rav4 shoes. I stopped investing in real clothes and started buying things like chafe-free shirts (good) and expensive socks (worth it). I even bought medical-grade compression pants because I wanted to keep it high & tight.

That’s right. I told myself that I wanted compression pants to help with my form; however, I ran in these awful medical pants because I thought they might be slimming and flattering.

I was wrong.

If you are in the market for compression running pants, here is my quick review: don’t buy compression pants. Nobody is ever in that market. The material felt like a table cloth, and the webbing on the inside of the fabric is so uncomfortable and tight that I couldn’t move my legs properly. What’s worse is that I had a pool of sweat forming in my pants that couldn’t break through the kevlar barrier.

So, yeah, I’m going back to running in mom shorts.

Hope you have a great week ahead. If you are traveling, be safe and make good choices.

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