The week ahead is September 8, 2013.


syria-commons-mapHello, everyone. Happy Sunday.

One year ago, I first mentioned Syria on this blog.

  • You might wonder — what does Syria have to do with work, money, power, cats and Human Resources?
  • The answer is — Everything. Nothing.

I have mentioned Syria more than 42 times because it’s important. I hope you have been paying attention to the issues because President Obama will address the nation on Tuesday night.

I hope you will watch his speech.

Read these articles.

  1. The Bush Burden
  2. 2 Million Syrian Children Are Not Going to School, UN Says
  3. Obama’s Syria push stymied by Iraq fatigue
  4. Syrian Rebels Shoot Execution Video
  5. Huckabee Blasts ‘Insane’ Dem Rep. on Syria, ‘Racist’ Hollywood for Silence

It is too bad we blew it in Iraq. Paul Bremmer was an idiot and war criminal, which ruins the idea of a Governor of Syria. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea if it weren’t for the part where we disbanded the Iraqi Army and granted foreign contractors immunity from Iraqi law.

We always fight the last war.

Hope you have a safe and productive week!

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