The Week Ahead: January 13, 2013


English: Backscatter Imaging "Backscatter...Happy Sunday. I am just back from a trip that turned into a classic Laurie travel story: weather delays, cancellations and a night at an overpriced airport hotel.

It was worth it, though. Beyond the HR stuff, I had a fabulous time with good friends and colleagues. I spent Thursday evening with good people who do good work. Honestly, I really needed to be inspired. The experience of listening to smart people talk about their work — and a bunch of other fun stuff — was so restorative for me.

But the travel hassles are old. Another cancelled flight? Another crappy TSA experience? More coffee to stay awake and alert? It’s the same story in my life. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I reminded myself that life ebbs and flows. The travel stuff is such small potatoes. And I have so many good people in my world. My life is a series of blessings that I probably don’t deserve but will accept, anyway. If the price I pay for my good fortune is an occasional night at a shitty hotel airport, I will take it.  And I will learn to shut up about it.


So I hope everyone has a good week! No travel delays for you!

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