The Week Ahead: January 6, 2013


Hi. Welcome back. Happy new year to you.

You know what? It’s 2013. Holy crap. I was born in 1975. I remember thinking that people born in the ’60s were old.

(Oh, wait, they are.)

So it’s the first Sunday of 2013. The week ahead looks just about the same as every other week. I’ll be writing about work, power, politics and money. I’ll throw in a serious blog post about Syria. And I might write about gun control and violence against women.

(And this is a side note — totally unlike me — but the only good thing about the 21st century is that I no longer write checks. This saves me the embarrassment of writing checks and scratching out 2012 and writing out 2-0-1-3 like a moron.)

There you go. The week ahead is filled with keen insights and amazing promise.

Won’t you join me?

What does the week ahead look like for you?

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