The Week Ahead: July 21, 2013


Hello, everyone. I am back from vacation. It felt great. In one week, I was in Seattle and NYC. We saw friends and family. We managed to have some fun.


We saw Lance and Jennifer Haun. Then we saw Kari Quaas. Then I spent time with The Conference Board Review team and my niece.

Lance Haun

But lots of crazy stuff happened while I was gone. The craziest thing? A woman died after falling from Texas roller coaster. How horrible. I loved roller coasters as a kid. Then I learned about capitalism. And then I learned how many people do drugs at work. Jesus. Being on an unsafe roller coaster is one of my worst fears for your children. And Texas is so messed up. In the midst of all that federal money that it takes in, the state can barely regulate its roads and schools. I wouldn’t go in an amusement park — or even a grocery store — for a million bucks.

Sheesh. I hope that woman’s family finds some comfort. So heartbreaking.

So that’s depressing, sorry.

The good news? This week I’ll be blogging about Syria and Egypt. Oh wait, that’s equally depressing.

Well, it’s good to be back! Hope you had a fabulous week off from this site.

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