The Week Ahead: July 28, 2013


1t9n87.AuSt.156Hi, everyone. Happy Sunday.

The week ahead is a busy one. I am refining keynote speeches, writing proposals, and trying to rewrite a book concept that I had back in 2010. I am also working on my travel schedule for the fall. I am trying to squeeze in events, conferences and speaking engagements while staying on pace to run a marathon on November 17th.

(It’s official: I have middle age, middle class, white people problems.)

And I am heading over to the state capitol on Monday to check out the Moral Monday protests. Have you read about what’s happening in North Carolina? It is a mess. And while I have nothing to lose — and nothing is at stake in my life — I am so irritated with North Carolina politics that I am actually paying attention and willing to protest.

(So, yeah, I will report back on what I see.)

Hope you have a great week!

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